White teeth can boost your confidence

8 Occasions in Life When You Wish You Had White Teeth

You’ll want your smile to really wow during these 8 big life events.

A stunning smile can make all the difference when you’re experiencing an important event in life. When you know your smile looks great, you’re much more likely to share it with others, which in turn makes you look confident, attractive, and happy. Here are 8 specific life events where you’ll definitely want healthy, white teeth.

1. Your or a Friend’s Wedding

There are few moments in life quite as emotional and momentous as a wedding. When you’re tying the knot you’ll want your smile to be full of glowing white teeth for all of those pictures and your breath fresh for that first kiss as a married couple. Weddings of friends, coworkers, and family are also big events where you’ll want your smile to look its best.

2. An Important Job Interview

You’ve researched the company, compiled your portfolio, and reviewed your résumé in preparation for your big job interview. But what about your smile? A bright, attractive smile is directly linked to greater success in life—particularly for careers and professional relationships.

3. The First Date with Someone New

A first date is an undoubtedly exciting time, albeit with butterflies and sweaty palms. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re trying to impress is your smile. A confident smile and white teeth show you take great care of yourself and you’ll be sure to show it off proudly with your new romantic interest.

4. When You See an Ex

Seeing an ex isn’t always a pleasant experience, but knowing your smile is killer and being able to share it confidently can give you instant satisfaction. 

5. When You Hit a Birthday Milestone

Birthdays are all about fun, but some birthdays can feel a little more emotionally taxing. If your birthday is reminding you of growing older, give your confidence a boost by whitening your teeth or investing in cosmetic dentistry to bring back that youthful feel.

6. The Vacation You’ve Been Planning

Vacations are a time to relax, explore, and put normal life on hold for a bit. When you’re away on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your smile. Check in with the dentist before leaving for a little teeth whitening boost and to make sure you won’t end up with a surprise toothache on your trip.

7. Holidays with Family and Friends

The holiday season is a truly joyous time. Share in the wonder and festivities by taking plenty of family pictures to commemorate the moment and save memories to look at later. Knowing you have a great smile will encourage you to grin that much wider in photos.

8. Your High School Reunion

High school reunions are a unique experience. You’ll be reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen in a decade and maybe even seeing some old teachers. This makes for a great opportunity to present yourself as the new person you’ve become after all these years—including being someone with white teeth inside a stunning smile.

A stunning white smile begins with a flawless at-home dental care routine.

Before you jump into professional teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry, it’s a good idea to first evaluate your at-home dental care routine. A thorough at-home oral hygiene regimen not only ensures your smile is as healthy as it is beautiful, but it also protects the investments you may make in cosmetic dentistry.

Be sure to follow basic guidelines of brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing daily, and elevating your routine with ADA-recommended mouthwashes, powered toothbrushes, or water flossing systems. Share your current at-home dental care routine with your dentist and ask for their opinion on what you may be able to improve if your goal is a brighter white smile.

Put the finishing touch on your smile with professional whitening and cosmetic care.

With your at-home dental care routine perfected, you can look into additional ways to really brighten and enhance your smile. Professional teeth whitening is an easy yet highly effective way of brightening your smile. With a dentist-supervised professional teeth whitening system you’ll avoid enamel damage or negative side-effects like extreme sensitivity.

If you’re not completely happy with the physical appearance of your smile, you can also ask your dentist about cosmetic dentistry. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants. Zirconia crowns can cover worn or damaged teeth. Gum contouring can rebalance a gummy smile. Valley Dental Clinic also offers Bioclear and porcelain veneers for a total smile makeover, ideal for anyone who wants a completely new smile.

Start the journey toward your best smile yet by booking an appointment at Valley Dental Clinic.

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