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Bioclear Matrix offers the latest, most progressive products and techniques evolving from the traditional preparations, and dental matrix   systems for anterior and posterior composite restorations. Closing  space between the teeth also known as dental black triangles or diastema closure, are just one of the many issues Bioclear Matrix helps treat. Dr. David Clark has changed the course of dental composites by  bringing new dimension to aesthetics and function through cutting edge  procedural advances.

 Dr. Rob has recently completed the training courses for this new  technique, and is currently the only dentist in Alaska that is certified to  do this procedure. For more information on the Bioclear technique, view  the official website at

In-Office Before and After Photos

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Newbioclearlogo This patient came to us after experiencing dental trauma. Dr. Rob was able to fully restore these teeth using the crown alternative, Bioclear technique, the same day, in one visit.

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 Newbioclearlogo This patient’s front teeth were noticeably chipped and damaged. After one, minimally invasive, appointment this patient left with smooth, natural looking restorations. 

Newbioclearlogo Sometimes the restoration is simply a tooth that is sized and shaped in a way that the patient dislikes. There’s no sense in a major restoration for a minor fix. We are pleased to be able to fix misshapen teeth with a minimally invasive same day procedure.    

Watch as Dr. David Clark demonstrates using Bioclear to close a black triangle. 

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