Get teeth whitening for a smile you love

How To Achieve That Brighter, Whiter Smile You’ve Been Dreaming Of

January 4, 2023

Have you ever been excited for a big life event you had coming up? Your outfit is all picked out, the date is bolded on your calendar, and each day that passes surges with more anticipation than the last. There is only one thing that could ruin this momentous day and it’s the one thing […]

Know the ways to fix a gummy smile

What Is a Gummy Smile, and What Are My Options To Fix It?

December 27, 2022

What is a gummy smile? Do you have a gummy smile? You know, a smile that seems to show just as much of your gums as your teeth? Gummy smiles can cause a sense of insecurity for patients who have them. So if your smile presents more of your gumline than you want it to, […]

Bioclear may be your best option

6 Reasons Bioclear May Be a Great Option for You

December 20, 2022

Can Bioclear help you feel like smiling again?  We could talk for hours on end (or write blog after blog) about the importance of a smile. Smiling and laughing help people to feel better naturally, increasing our confidence, making us happier, and providing other physical benefits. Smiling lowers our blood pressure, reduces stress, boosts our […]

How to floss your teeth

Flossing Is Important, So How Can You Make It Happen?

December 13, 2022

How To Floss: Everything You Need To Know We all know that brushing our teeth is important. And most of us know the rule of thumb when it comes to brushing: Brush twice a day for two minutes at a time using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Even then, one 2009 study reported that many patients only […]

Tools to fight seasonal depression

How To Combat Seasonal Depression During the Winter Months in Anchorage

December 6, 2022

What is seasonal depression? The winter months are often filled with joy and anticipation. This time of year brings the opportunity to gather with loved ones, the ability to build a snowman (that won’t melt from the powerful sun), and so much more. But the darker winter months can lead to an often unspoken ailment: […]

Best hikes near Wasilla, AK

5 Best Hikes Near Wasilla, AK, and Tips for Hiking Adventures for the Whole Family

November 26, 2022

If you live in Alaska, you already know the health benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. And hiking, too, has many benefits. The sunshine on your face (don’t forget your sunscreen!) can help improve your overall health and well-being. Sunshine provides a nice boost of vitamin D that can reduce your blood pressure, […]

Preventive dentistry for your family

Here’s Why Preventive Dentistry Is So Important for the Entire Family

November 18, 2022

Good oral health is something we should be aware of. Our oral health affects our ability to speak, eat, and smile. But healthy teeth and gums won’t just happen on their own. To have a healthy smile that you can be proud of, you need to practice a good oral care routine at home and […]

Tips for denture care

6 Important Things to Do When Caring for Dentures or Partial Dentures

November 10, 2022

Did you know that approximately 15% of the adult and senior populations in the United States have dentures? As we get older, tooth loss becomes more common. Gum disease becomes more prevalent as we age, leading to receding gums, deterioration of the jawbone, and tooth loss. For this reason, dentures are a popular dental treatment […]

Zirconia crowns for a professional smile

Zirconia Crowns Can Improve Your Smile and Confidence

November 3, 2022

The act of smiling has so many health benefits. When you smile, you release dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin hormones, which make you feel good. In fact, even if you aren’t feeling well, taking a second to smile can give you relief from whatever is getting you down.  But when we’re not proud of our smile, […]

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