Help your child through times of stress

7 Ways Parents Can Help Their Students Cope With Stress

September 20, 2021

Help your student effectively manage their stress. The school year can create stress and anxiety for school-aged children. But with the right tools and tricks, parents can help their students appropriately manage that stress and anxiety. Check out these 7 helpful and practical suggestions to help your child be successful at school without suffering from […]

Help you child deal with bullying

6 Ways Parents Can Help Their Students Deal with Bullying

August 31, 2021

If you have ever seen the movie “Back to the Future,” you know that fictional character Biff Tannen was well known as the town bully. Poor George McFly suffered the wrath of Biff’s bullying and mean ways throughout the films. Unfortunately, however, bullying isn’t just a thing in the movies. It has been a problem […]

Options to replace missing teeth

Missing Permanent Teeth? Here’s What You Need to Know

August 31, 2021

Replacing missing teeth with the help of modern dentistry. Did you know that your teeth aren’t actually bones? There are several key differences between teeth and bones, but one of the biggest is that bones heal from injuries over time, but teeth don’t. Once a tooth is injured, it has to be repaired using treatments […]

Treatment options for TMJ

What Is the Best TMJ Treatment?

August 12, 2021

10 Best TMJ Treatments When something is functioning correctly, we often don’t give it much thought. We trust that our coffee maker will dutifully brew our morning coffee, that our car will start with a simple turn of the key, and that the traffic lights will run through their cycles without a hitch. In the […]

Your different dental crown options

Pros and Cons of Various Dental Crown Materials

August 10, 2021

Improved crown materials give you results you’ll love. Humans are master craftspeople and artists. Whether we’re creating tools, furniture, clothing, or art for art’s sake, we’re always experimenting with and improving the materials and techniques we use to create the best version possible for the use or appearance we have in mind. This trial-and-error process, […]

Your dentist can diagnose TMD

5 Ways My Dentist Determined I Had TMD

August 6, 2021

How does my dentist know if I have TMD? When was the last time you used your temporomandibular joints to do something? If you’re thinking back to the last time you ate or spoke, think a little more recently—like right now! Your TMJ makes it possible for you to eat and speak, but it also […]

Is jaw popping TMJ

My Jaw Pops and Clicks. Is It TMJ?

August 2, 2021

Learning to Recognize TMJ Symptoms You’re going about your day, eating lunch, yawning, or talking to a friend, and there it is—that popping or clicking sound that your jaw can’t seem to stop making. Whether it’s every once in a while or all the time, hearing these sounds coming from your jaw can be distracting […]

Choose between dentures and dental implants

Dentures vs. Dental Implants: Which Is Right for Me?

July 31, 2021

Choosing Between Dentures and Dental Implants as Your Smile Restoration Solution Missing teeth are a challenging obstacle many adults face when it comes to oral health and self-confidence in their smile. Statistics show that by age 50 the average American will have lost about eight teeth, or 12 total if you include wisdom teeth. From […]

Implant restoration could be the answer to missing teeth

What Types of Implant Restorations Does Valley Dental Offer?

July 24, 2021

Do you have missing teeth? If so, you’ve probably been told about dental implant restorations. One of the most common dental problems that our patients face is missing teeth. Tooth loss can happen for many reasons, such as an injury, gum disease (periodontal disease), or decay – but whatever the reason, an incomplete smile is […]

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