Help manage stress in your kids

Managing Stress in Kids — Common Causes and What to Do

December 31, 2020

In today’s world, kids and teens can experience just as much stress as their parents. Chronic stress doesn’t just affect adults juggling careers, families, and personal responsibilities. Research shows that kids and teens living in today’s modern world experience just as much, and sometimes more, stress than adults. The Stress in America survey found that […]

Safeguard your long-term health

5 Ways You Can Safeguard Your Long-Term Health

December 1, 2020

Building a healthy, happy future. What do you think about when you picture the future? Do you imagine a successful career, a large family, or a peaceful retirement? There are plenty of ways you can work towards these goals, but one of the less talked about ingredients to success is taking care of your long-term […]

Prevent a toothache

5 Tips to Prevent a Toothache

November 1, 2020

Helping your teeth function at their best. Our teeth and gums are so perfectly adapted to helping us to eat, speak, and express emotions that we often don’t give these tasks a second thought. They’re easy and automatic—and that’s the way it should be!  If you’ve had a toothache before, however, you know just how […]

8 Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

October 22, 2020

Get relief for your toothache while you wait for your upcoming dental appointment. Nothing can put a damper on your mood quite like tooth pain. A toothache is a particularly unpleasant form of discomfort that ranges from an itchy irritation to downright throbbing pain. Toothaches also tend to be pretty stubborn. Even when you do […]

8 Common Dentistry Questions Parents Have About Their Kid’s Teeth

October 21, 2020

A Guide to Children’s Dental Health There are so many joyful firsts that come along with being a parent—your baby’s first steps, their first words, the first time they call you Mommy or Daddy, your kid’s first teeth.  Unfortunately, not all firsts are happy ones, like the first time they cry from teething pain or […]

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Why Valley Dental is the best choice for your family dentist in Wasilla

March 31, 2020

You’re looking for a dentist in Wasilla, Alaska. Maybe you’re new to town. Maybe you’re looking to change clinics. Maybe you’re looking to take your kids to the dentist for the first time. No matter your story, you’ve come to the right place. Valley Dental Clinic is a family dentist based in Wasilla. We offer […]


You’ll Love This Alternative To Veneers. Here’s Why

March 15, 2020

Veneers have been around for a long, long time. They were invented in 1928, by a Californian dentist called Charles Pincus, to temporarily change the appearance of actors’ teeth on film shoots. Getting veneers involves permanently bonding a thin piece of porcelain to the front of a tooth (they’re different to crowns, which cover the […]

Want to Know How Dental Implants Work? Here It Is

Want to Know How Dental Implants Work? Here It Is

February 29, 2020

Dental implants are essentially an artificial tooth root. They are the strongest alternative to real teeth, and allow your new teeth to feel, look and function like natural! There are both removable and permanent options, and when performed by a trained and experienced dentist it is one of the most routine procedures in dentistry. So, […]

Bioclear Is One of the Best Ways to Fix Gap Teeth

Bioclear Is One of the Best Ways to Fix Gap Teeth

January 23, 2020

Are you self-conscious about gap teeth? Do you find yourself smiling less to hide them? Are you nervous about the cost of veneers? Bioclear is an innovative, cheaper method for hiding those gaps and restoring your smile! How Are Gap Teeth Treated? There are multiple treatments for gap teeth, each with their own setbacks. Many […]

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