What makes cosmetic dentistry different

General vs. Cosmetic Dentistry: What’s the Difference?

General or cosmetic dentistry: It’s all about your smile.

Did you know that nearly 30% of people keep their mouths closed when they smile for pictures because they’re self-conscious of their teeth? You deserve to feel confident about your appearance, and the right cosmetic dentistry treatment can make a world of difference.

Today, both general and cosmetic dentistry procedures exist to correct early issues, reverse problem areas, and deliver a bright, healthy smile you can feel great about.

Not sure which service you need? We’re sharing some of the most common smile dilemmas we encounter along with the ways Dr. Robinson can help.

I would love my smile more if my teeth were whiter.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) recently asked people which features that they’d like to change the most about their smile. The top answer? Most respondents wished their teeth were whiter.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that enhances the natural radiance of your smile. In addition to known culprits like coffee and soda, there are other reasons why your teeth might not be as bright as you’d like. For instance, your tooth enamel can thin over time, revealing the darker dentin layer underneath.

At our office, Dr. Robinson offers professional teeth whitening services to eliminate stains and remove discoloration. This treatment uses a prescription-strength whitening gel and high-intensity light that provide dramatic results in just one visit!

I would love my smile more if my teeth weren’t missing.

Do you have missing teeth? If so, then you know that this issue doesn’t just affect your appearance. It also makes it more difficult to eat, drink, and speak.

Thankfully there are restorative dentistry procedures that can fill in these spaces and restore the form and function of your smile. These treatments include:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental crowns
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • An implant-supported bridge

Dr. Robinson will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your personal needs. If your tooth loss is widespread, a full-mouth reconstruction can transform your smile completely.

I would love my smile more if my teeth were uniform.

Are you self-conscious about the shape of your teeth? If they’re uneven or misshapen, then cosmetic dentistry can help.

One of these treatments is Bioclear. This is an advanced, noninvasive technique that offers a unique alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. Bioclear can correct minor aesthetic issues with your teeth, such as:

  • Breaks
  • Chips
  • Gaps

This treatment uses a composite resin bonding-and-sculpting process to enhance your teeth and correct irregularities. The resin bonds with your tooth structure for a seamless, natural effect. If receding gums have created a gap at your gumline, Bioclear can fill in that space as well.

As the only dentist in Alaska currently certified to perform the Bioclear technique, Dr. Robinson can complete this treatment in just one visit. It’s a durable, affordable, and long-lasting shaping solution.

I would love my smile more if it wasn’t so gummy.

Does your smile expose more of your gums than you’d prefer? A gummy smile can be treated easily through a process known as gum contouring. 

During this treatment, Dr. Robinson removes excess gum tissue around your teeth to resculpt your gumline. This results in a more aesthetically pleasing look and a new smile you won’t be able to stop showing off.

I would love my smile more if my teeth didn’t hurt.

Tooth pain can affect even the most beautiful smile. No one wants to suffer through those aches and pains, and leaving them untreated results in more damage.

We use general dentistry to remediate this problem. Once we clean the affected areas, we use tooth-colored fillings to prevent further decay.

Keeping up with your routine preventive hygiene visits is another way to optimize your oral health. At these appointments, you receive a professional teeth cleaning, a comprehensive oral health exam, and an oral cancer screening. During this time, Dr. Robinson checks your teeth and gums for early signs of problems, such as cavities, so you can take preventive action and stay pain free.

I would love my smile more if my jaw didn’t hurt.

Studies show that around 12% of people in the U.S. experience a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder at any given time. Located on the sides of your face below your temples, this joint makes it possible for you to chew and talk.

If you have persistent pain along your jawline or find it difficult to fully move your jaw, then you could be suffering from a TMJ disorder. There are many conditions that cause this issue, some of which include:

  • Grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep (bruxism)
  • Physical injury to your teeth or jawbone
  • Jaw misalignment 

If you suffer from sleep bruxism, then you could be wearing down the enamel on your teeth. And unfortunately, enamel can’t grow back—once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Dr. Robinson can fit you for a custom nightguard to help protect your teeth while you rest. This can provide TMJ pain relief and safeguard your enamel.

Learn more about our general and cosmetic dentistry services.

Your primary smile concerns may be mostly aesthetic in nature. For instance, you may want to address discoloration, chipping, or gaps. Or you could be suffering from a painful dental condition, such as TMJ pain, that’s impacting your overall quality of life. In either case, we can provide general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services that can help you reach your oral health goals. If you’re ready to address your smile concerns, feel free to contact our office to schedule an appointment. 

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