Happy summer in Wasilla Alaska.

How to Stay Healthy and Active in Wasilla, Alaska, This Summer

Wasilla, Alaska, is a truly wondrous place!

There are so many opportunities that you and your family can enjoy this summer. With so much of the great outdoors to experience, it’s easy to find various ways to stay healthy and active throughout the summer.

Hiking the Wasilla Creek Wetlands Trail

This gorgeous trail allows you and your family to take in the beautiful wetlands of Wasilla Creek. It’s very accessible, with the entire trail taking between thirty minutes and an hour to complete, making it suitable for children of all ages.

The trail features a floating boardwalk through the wetlands, something unique that you rarely see elsewhere. There are also plenty of opportunities to snap a family photo along the way.

Exploring the Mat-Su Valley

The Matanuska-Susitna or Mat-Su Valley is a wonderful region of Alaska that’s home to several growing towns, including Wasilla. This valley was carved long ago by glaciers that left thousands of lakes behind.

This unique development has made the Mat-Su valley an incredible place to explore the great outdoors. You’ll be able to take in the best of Alaskan wilderness and wildlife throughout the area.

Taking on the Matanuska Greenbelt

If you’re interested in hiking through the Alaskan wilderness and are up for more of a challenge than the Wasilla Creek Wetlands Trail, then the Matanuska Greenbelt has exactly what you’re looking for.

This region contains a 32-mile trail system that covers glacial paths and other fantastic landscapes. You can hike or mountain bike the trails to take in some truly stunning sights.

Fishing in Wasilla

Fishing is one of the most widespread pastimes in Alaska, and Wasilla is no exception. The myriad lakes throughout the area offer many unique fishing opportunities perfect for anglers of any experience level.

You can also enjoy angling for king salmon in the Susitna River. This exceptional fish is the largest and most valuable species of Pacific salmon – a real trophy for any passionate angler!

Spending the Day at Wasilla Lake

Wasilla Lake has countless summer activities that can help you and your family have fun and stay healthy. Of course, the lake offers fishing, swimming, boating, and other fun water activities.

It’s also a major central location for many special events in Wasilla. You can access several trails around the lake and a wonderful playground nearby.

Sticking to Healthy Summer Treats

Of course, throughout the summer you’ll likely find yourself encountering your fair share of treats. However, any dentist in Wasilla, Alaska, can tell you that some options are better than others.

Many sugary snacks like popsicles and ice cream can harm teeth. However, you can try all-natural alternatives. You can make your own popsicles by blending fruit and freezing it in popsicle molds. Without the added sugar, they’re very healthy. To avoid the excess sugar in ice cream, you can stick with frozen yogurt. It delivers a similar taste and also is full of calcium.

Fruits and vegetables of all kinds are always great. Try making ants-on-a-log by filling celery with peanut butter and adding raisins. Watermelon is another fantastic summer treat that requires no preparation at all.

By sticking to healthier snacks, you’ll have less need for Alaska family dentistry near Wasilla to handle cavities and other issues.

More Ways You Can Stay Healthy

Staying healthy isn’t just about planning special occasions, but about the choices we make every day. This summer, you can make yourself and your family healthier by spending time with each other, playing with your kids, enjoying the fresh air outside, and more.

Of course, the summer isn’t a vacation from your need for Alaska family dentistry near Wasilla. With dental checkups recommended twice a year, you can make things a lot easier by scheduling one of those appointments at the end of the summer before school starts.

A dentist in Wasilla, Alaska, can ensure that your children start the school year off with a solid foundation of oral health. Alaska family dentistry near Wasilla can diagnose issues, fill cavities, and handle any of your family’s dental needs.

Your Dentist in Wasilla, Alaska

If you want the best in dental care, you can count on Valley Dental Clinic. Receive excellent, personalized care from a dentist in Wasilla, Alaska, who takes the time to get to know you and your family. Just contact our office today to schedule an appointment for any of your dental needs.

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