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Would you like to find out why our patients choose us as their dentist in Wasilla, Alaska? We invite you to read our reviews to better understand the high level of personalized care we provide to our patients at Valley Dental Clinic. To learn more and to set up your next appointment with Dr. Robert Robinson, do not hesitate to call or visit our office. We also welcome you to contact our office or visit one of our social media pages if you would like to submit your own review. We look forward to caring for your smile!

  (5 out of 5)  by Daniel G. – June 26,2016 
I drive 50 miles to visit Valley Dental rather than obtaining services closer to my home. Dr. Rob & crew are worth every mile.
  (5 out of 5)  by Nellie K. – June 21,2016 
  (5 out of 5)  by Karen H. – June 21,2016 
As always, great staff, doc Rob always so knowledgeable and everything state of the art. Thanks guys ….always
  (5 out of 5)  by Jackie K. – June 18,2016 
Wish I would of gone years ago. Instead of thinking it was the way it was. Thanks Rob and staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah W. – June 16,2016 
Pleasure doing business with you guys for the past 30 years….
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert F. – June 15,2016 
Robs also has the best looking women!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Brett** R. – June 15,2016 
My technician was awesome!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Carol S. – June 15,2016 
  (5 out of 5)  by Chris** J. – June 14,2016 
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah** M. – June 13,2016 
New hygienist is great, good addition to your team:)
  (5 out of 5)  by Diane** C. – June 8,2016 
Thank you for helping me take good care of my teeth. : )
  (5 out of 5)  by David C. – June 6,2016 
Debi is the best Hygienist I have ever had.
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda R. – June 6,2016 
Deb was fantasic! She explained everything that she was doing! She was gentle, kind, very professional and listen to me! Thanks so much!
  (5 out of 5)  by Avery J. – June 1,2016 
Very attentive staff and makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable to be at the dentist! This place works wonders in the dental industry!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Caroline J. – June 1,2016 
Fantastic service and customer care! The best in the business-hands down!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kari H. – June 1,2016 
This is the first time a dentist has actually explained what causes the issues instead of just telling me what I need to do.
  (5 out of 5)  by Naomi S. – June 1,2016 
Very friendly staff! Will definitely recommend to others!
  (5 out of 5)  by Brenda M. – May 16,2016 
Dr Robinson, as well as his staff, stays current with new technology and procedures, thus providing excellent dental care. Dr Robinson is thoughtful and caring and quite adept at hiring and keeping a staff that maintains these same attributes, therefore, there is very little employee turnover at Valley Dental. Aided by his competent and friendly staff, the cheerful atmosphere of Valley Dental is that of wholesome, goodness. For over thirty-five years, both my husband and I have been patients of Valley Dental. I care for Dr. Robinson quite the same as, if he were, family and am most grateful for all that he has done for me. I respect him and his work. And too, I am very appreciative to his dedicated staff for all that they have done for me. Most Sincerely, Brenda H Manning.
  (5 out of 5)  by Phyllis B. – May 12,2016 
Keep making American beautiful with clean teeth! Good job!
  (5 out of 5)  by Carol D. – May 11,2016 
Thanks for addressing my concerns, much appreciated. Cerise, thanks for everything. I’m still looking for the flossing tool.i’ll try Walgreens today.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth H. – May 10,2016 
Always a pleasure, friendly people and great work.
  (5 out of 5)  by Eugene G. – May 4,2016 
The doctor and all the staff was very professional and very good at what they did. They made me feel very much at home there. Thank You
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara C. – May 4,2016 
As always perfection
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeff C. – May 3,2016 
Never had a bad experience. Thanks for all you have done over the years.
  (5 out of 5)  by Carla N. – May 2,2016 
Very Very friendly and informative staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lee S. – May 2,2016 
Thanks for your great professional services!
  (5 out of 5)  by Arthur D. – April 30,2016 
Hello, My experience with the Valley Dental Clinic was a most enjoyable one. I was received by two beautiful and knowledgeable ladies who explained all the details to me. My assistant also beautiful was most helpful and informative as to what to expect for preparation and extraction as well as about the billing procedures and aftercare. The Doctor was a pleasure to work with also. Extremely proficient with the needle almost painless and the extraction went ever so smoothly. I didn’t use any of my pain relievers just Ibuprofen, can you believe that !! I can not say enough good about the Doctor, this great clinic and it’s employees. I truly look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with them. For this treatment I am most appreciative, I must also thank my guardian angel for finding these good people for me. Yours truly and thanks again, Art Dickinson.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathy C. – April 27,2016 
We appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of Valley Dental Clinic, and we LOVE Dr. Rob!
  (5 out of 5)  by Brenda** L. – April 27,2016 
I love everyone that works in the office:) Keep up the good work!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Hali M. – April 26,2016 
Made my 4-year-old daughter. Feel very comfortable for her first visit to the dentist She left with a smile on
  (5 out of 5)  by Cathy** W. – April 21,2016 
All of you are exceptional! Keep up the great work putting smiles on people’s faces
  (5 out of 5)  by Lynda** P. – April 19,2016 
Great staff,great dentist. No problems. Like your office and would recommend to anyone and everyone who asks! Thanks!
  (5 out of 5)  by Glenn L. – April 13,2016 
Doing a fantastic job. I actually enjoy going to the dentist office.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kyanna L. – April 5,2016 
Love this place. Been coming since I was a kid and now I bring my kids. I feel very confident in Dr. Robb and value his opinion. The staff is like none other. Every single one seems to enjoy their job and is always incredibly kind to my family.
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan** Y. – April 5,2016 
Always very professional service. Staff is always friendly and never have to wait beyond a few minutes.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeffrey B. – March 31,2016 
Great Service
  (5 out of 5)  by Emma M. – March 30,2016 
Every single person in the clinic is awesome!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Gregory M. – March 30,2016 
They are upstanding!!! They are my caring, friendly!!the attention is great!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Taylor C. – March 24,2016 
You guys have the nicest staff! It’s always a pleasure getting to spend some time chatting with you all. ๐Ÿ™‚
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverly B. – March 22,2016 
My hygienest was very kind, professional, and thorough. She always explained everything she was doing and why–I appreciate that. Plan to see her again in six months.
  (5 out of 5)  by Katherine D. – March 22,2016 
Thank you so much for taking such good care of my family.
  (5 out of 5)  by Mark B. – March 15,2016 
Dr Rob was very professional and I am happy to be welcomed into his care! The receptionist was very helpful and friendly. Debbie gave me the very best dental cleaning! Thank you very much
  (5 out of 5)  by Molly W. – March 14,2016 
Being someone who does not enjoy the dentist Dr. Rob and his hygenists made today’s visit fast, and were very gentle on my sensitive teeth!
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara** A. – March 7,2016 
Love the staff ๐Ÿ™‚
  (5 out of 5)  by Marilyn M. – March 3,2016 
It was my first time at your clinic and I was extremely impressed. The receptionist, Kaitlyn, was very professional, helpful, friendly–an excellent person to see as you first enter the office. Cerise did an excellent job checking and cleaning my teeth. She made me comfortable right from the start.
  (5 out of 5)  by Genevieve D. – March 3,2016 
Thanks for seeing me with such short notice. Friendly staff and atmosphere made the emergency visit much nicer.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Linda C. – March 2,2016 
My cleaning and exam went well and all my dental issues was explained clearly on how to correct them. Was glad that the dental tech was able to fix my mouth guard. Was also wonderful to see Gloria for my cleaning always a very satisfying experience when coming to see Dr Rib and great staff. Thank you all
  (5 out of 5)  by Megan W. – March 1,2016 
Very friendly and thorough.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael R. – February 14,2016 
I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. I have been going to Valley Dental since the current Dr. Rob’s father treated me there as a patient in 1989.
  (5 out of 5)  by Amanda H. – January 28,2016 
I hate going to the dentist and because of that I have put off dental care for a few years. Dr. Rob, Lisa and everyone else in the office are awesome. They make me feel comfortable and well taken care of.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Brenda O. – January 27,2016 
This staff that works here make you feel comfortable ever time you come in.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lukas V. – January 20,2016 
Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth R. – January 14,2016 
Prefect, just like family.
  (5 out of 5)  by Erin D. – January 11,2016 
Dr. Rob is a great dentist , and treats my whole family. His staff takes good care of us and we appreciate their customer service.
  (5 out of 5)  by Carmen H. – January 4,2016 
  (5 out of 5)  by Chad M. – December 23,2015 
Very nice crew did everything they could to make me feel comfortable
  (5 out of 5)  by Tracy S. – December 16,2015 
The Hygienist was very knowledgeable and Dr. Rob explained what I need done. I am definitely going back again.
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard D. – December 15,2015 
You guys have always been great. Thank you and merry Christmas!
  (5 out of 5)  by Gary** B. – December 9,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Melissa** H. – December 8,2015 
I love Valley Dental! They are so friendly and welcoming, great staff!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Paul H. – December 3,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Daniel G. – December 1,2015 
Dr. Rob & company are, quite simply put, the best dentist and team I have encountered in my 58 years. Although there are plenty of dentists located near my home, I prefer to drive over 100 miles round trip to visit Valley Dental Clinic ๐Ÿ™‚
  (5 out of 5)  by Ed M. – December 1,2015 
I have always felt like I was among friends and family, when I have been there, and I have appreciated all of the thoughtful and generous care. Thank You, Ed
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard P. – November 25,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Dana T. – November 24,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert R. – November 23,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Julie B. – November 22,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael T. – November 18,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Scott Y. – November 17,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Cynthia F. – November 17,2015 
As I was leaving the office I glanced back to see the staff thoroughly cleaning every surface of the chair and surrounding area where I was sitting. I was delighted to know that the equipment was sanitized so well after each patient and stated such to the receptionist. This s a great dental practice and I so appreciate the care and concern given by Dentist, Hygienist and office staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Edward C. – November 16,2015 
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Riley F. – November 6,2015 
The staff was very kind and understanding that Riley’s visit was primarily so that he could get use to going to the dentist at an early age. Dr. Rob was great with Riley, helping him feel comfortable with the equipment and looking at his teeth.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Emma F. – November 6,2015 
I appreciate that you offered solutions to the difficulty of finding time to brush, by educating me on dry brushing and providing an extra brush to include in my day bag for work. I also appreciate that you informed me of inflammation and showed pictures of where it is occurring. I like that appointments can be scheduled in the chair, before heading to the desk now.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rose S. – November 2,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Christine B. – October 28,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Brenda** L. – October 26,2015 
Thanks for the work you do!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelly W. – October 26,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeff C. – October 26,2015 
As always a pleasure. Thanks for your concern.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sharon K. – October 24,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Yvonne R. – October 22,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Jean-Paul C. – October 21,2015 
I enjoy going to the Dental Clinic. The staff are friendly and professional.
  (3.4 out of 5)  by Warren P. – October 21,2015 
No complaints. Good job
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Alora H. – October 16,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard T. – October 14,2015 
All is good
  (5 out of 5)  by Sheryl U. – October 12,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Laurie K. – October 8,2015 
I was curious about Dr. Robison and the staff and their techniques. As I don’t visit often (enough), your staff all become better and better with my comfort, ease and timely-ness of my work . The numbing is complete and relatively painless. The instruments seem to multiply and I/m always hearing strange new names for your tools. i was so glad to have you foresee the need to add a painkiller after the gum disection you were required to do. It seemed that you all were taking advantage of continuing ed and staying up to date with any new ideas. I was surprised when Dr. Robison referred to my husband as “your Old Man” until I realized he was talking to the assistant.! Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Laurie Kari
  (5 out of 5)  by Lee S. – October 8,2015 
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Peg F. – October 7,2015 
We think the employees at Valley Dental are so knowledgeable and share that wish their patients. We really appreciated the caring attitudes of the ladies and dr rob. Thanks
  (5 out of 5)  by Daniela W. – October 6,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Aaron D. – October 5,2015 
With love, Grandpa
  (5 out of 5)  by William S. – October 2,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Daniel C. – September 30,2015 
  (5 out of 5)  by Jodie E. – September 29,2015 
We love you guys! Thank you so much!
  (5 out of 5)  by Daryl F. – September 28,2015 
Very friendly and helpful staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Emma M. – September 23,2015 
You guys are awesome!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ross P. – September 13,2015 
Valley Dental Clinic has provided me with wonderful dental care over a period of many years! The clean and ultra modern office and equipment are very nice but what really makes the place shine is the talented, professional and friendly Dentist, Hygienists, Dental Assistants and Receptionists that staff this clinic!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jennifer G. – December 3,2014 
Greatest dental team ever!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Carol D. – November 18,2014 
Thanks for a positive experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Darel L. – November 5,2014 
  (5 out of 5)  by Brenda L. – November 4,2014 
Love getting my dental care here!
  (5 out of 5)  by Lee S. – November 2,2014 
Thank you for all your years of service.
  (5 out of 5)  by Anita C. – November 2,2014 
You all make up the best dental practice I have ever worked with.
  (5 out of 5)  by Luci H. – November 2,2014 
You guys awesomely rock!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jane D. – October 31,2014 
The professional and quality of service this dental team provides is unsurpassed. Going to the dentist no longer has the reputation of something to delay or avoid thanks to the Valley Dental Clinic.
  (5 out of 5)  by Tabatha W. – October 30,2014 
  (5 out of 5)  by Edward C. – October 29,2014 
Makes going to the Dentist a pleasure. Great doctor great staff. Thanks
  (5 out of 5)  by Diane C. – October 29,2014 
I always feel welcome and like I’m the most important patient when I come in. The staff calls me by name and treats me with kindness and respect. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda C. – October 29,2014 
Dr. Robinson and staff have always made my dental visits comfortable and give me the best professional service and make me feel like a close friend and always welcome.
  (5 out of 5)  by Cheryl S. – May 21,2014 
Thanks “dental family” for taking such good care of me (& Dennis too!)

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