There is a beautiful, cost-saving solution to give you the smile you’ve been wanting.

Chips, cracks, stains, gaps, black triangles, and misshapen teeth can mar the natural beauty of your smile. But with the Bioclear Method, you can achieve a smile that looks naturally beautiful.

Dr. Robert Robinson-Bioclear certified

Real Results with Bioclear

Newbioclearlogo This patient came to us after experiencing dental trauma. Dr. Rob was able to fully restore these teeth using the crown alternative, Bioclear technique, the same day, in one visit.

Newbioclearlogo This patient's front teeth were noticeably chipped and damaged. After one, minimally invasive appointment this patient left with smooth, natural looking restorations.

Newbioclearlogo Sometimes the restoration is simply a tooth that is sized and shaped in a way that the patient dislikes. There's no sense in a major restoration for a minor fix. We are pleased to be able to fix misshapen teeth with a minimally invasive same day procedure.

Watch as Dr. David Clark demonstrates using Bioclear to close a black triangle. 

What is Bioclear?

The Bioclear Method is a modern, improved treatment for many dental issues. It is a one-visit solution for many issues such as cavities and cracks as well as stains, gaps, cracks, and teeth that are misshapen. It is a faster, long-lasting option that is used in many cases which have been traditionally treated with bonding, fillings, veneers, and crowns.

How does Bioclear work?

The Bioclear Method is both art and science.

The Bioclear Method uses a transparent plastic form that is fitted around the tooth or teeth to be restored. Dr. Rob will add the color-matched, Bioclear composite resin in a semi-liquid state between the form and the tooth. While the material is in this semi-liquid state, Dr. Rob shapes and sculpts it. He does this while taking into account the size and shape of surrounding teeth as well as the overall appearance of your smile and how it is framed by your whole face. Next, a light is used to harden the composite, the form is removed from around the transformed tooth, and the Bioclear is polished to look and feel natural.

What are the benefits of Bioclear?

Because significant portions of your tooth won’t need to be removed and because no molds will be sent out to a lab, most Bioclear procedures can be completed all in one visit on the same day. That means, you get the treatment you want in less time with better end results. It’s a win-win!

Aside from the lower cost of Bioclear compared to veneers and crowns — and the ability to have beautiful results in one visit — one of the biggest benefits of Bioclear is that you retain more of your natural tooth structure. With Bioclear, veneers, and crowns, the tooth needs to be prepared for the restoration. This means some of the natural tooth structure is removed to allow for a better bond and fit for the addition of a crown, veneer, or Bioclear. With a dental crown in particular, 60% to 70% of your tooth structure has to be removed in order to seat the crown. But the Bioclear Method allows for more of the natural tooth to be retained and preserved. In some cases, none of the tooth structure is removed. Instead, Bioclear is bonded over it.

Bioclear is a composite resin with a molecular composition that allows it to be strong without becoming inflexible. It expands and contracts with temperature changes much like your tooth. It also flexes with chewing which is important for long-lasting restoration. A restoration needs to be able to mimic the natural movement of your tooth for increased longevity. With other materials such amalgam fillings (metal fillings), inflexibility can cause the bond between your tooth and the restoration to fail. Sometimes when this failure occurs, the tooth can chip and crack, putting you at risk for infection, pain, and setting you up for more extensive dental work.

Bioclear, much like your natural tooth enamel, is remarkably stain resistant. Unlike typical dental bonding, which is known to be stain-prone, Bioclear wears and stains similarly to your natural teeth. Generally, surface stains can be polished away at your routine dental cleanings.

With a Bioclear restoration, you can expect less tooth decay. Because the composite resin will encase your natural teeth up to your gumline, it protects your tooth from every day wear and tear and cavity-causing foods and beverages. Bioclear is not foolproof against decay, but because it bonds so well with your tooth, it is quite effective at sealing out bacteria. Your dental hygiene routine is vital in keeping your gums healthy, which in turn will keep your tooth roots healthy and extend the life of your Bioclear restoration.

What can Bioclear be used for?


Eliminating triangle-shaped gaps at the gumline called black triangles


Filling gaps between teeth


Erasing chips, stains, cracks, and breaks


Covering small or misshapen teeth


Preserving a damaged or decayed tooth

Who can benefit?

Is Bioclear for everybody? As always, discuss your treatment options with your dentist to find out what’s right for you. Your overall oral health needs to be evaluated, of course, and those who are suffering from periodontitis may need periodontal therapy before the restoration can be completed.

Why doesn’t every dentist offer Bioclear?

To offer Bioclear as a treatment solution, the dentist must be trained and certified by Bioclear. The certification process is lengthy and requires the dentist to study The Bioclear Method straight from the source — the Bioclear Learning Center. Additionally, there are different levels of certification. Choosing to offer Bioclear means the dentist will have to dedicate significant time and resources to becoming certified.

For Dr. Rob, the time and resources spent on earning this certification is worth it. He sees the results this method produces for patient after patient, and he’s proud to offer a cosmetic and restorative solution that is highly advanced while actually being less costly than traditional solutions.

Where can I find a Bioclear dentist?

Dr. Rob here at Valley Dental Clinic is currently the only dentist in Alaska that is Bioclear certified for Core Anterior (front), Core Posterior (back), and Advanced Anterior Bioclear restorations.

To achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, make an appointment to see if you’re a good candidate for Bioclear restoration!


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